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Help with MSCAN config

Question asked by Ross Myers on Sep 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2010 by Ross Myers

Hi There,


I am trying to configure the MSCAN module in a MCF51JM32 to run at 500kbits from an 8MHz XTAL.

I don't think I have it right (well, it never see's any CAN messages).

Here's what I have: (referring to page 268 of MCF51JM128RM Rev2)


The MSCAN is configured to get it's clock source from the external crystal (CANCTL1, CLKsrc=0)


Time Segment 1 = 12

Time Segment 2 = 3

For a total of 16 Time Quanta


The formula in the Ref Manual is:


Bit Rate = fTq / (number ⋅ of ⋅ Time ⋅ Quanta)

I have no prescaler so the maths should be:


8,000,000 / 16 = 500,000.


Does that seem correct?