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Interrupt Vector Question - Mod Help Please

Question asked by Ryan Richardson on Aug 31, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2010 by kef


   Currently using the HCS12C128 and Code Warrior


I have a question regarding interrupt vectors.


As a quick set up I have the following program folder/file set up










Project Settings

    -Startup Code


    -Linker Files




The ISR_vectors file is the one present in the Code Warrior examples.

Lets say I want to use my RTI interrupt to be initialized as follows above my main call in my main.c file



interrupt void RTI_ISR(void) {


//Do something






This portion declares my function RTI_ISR as an interrupt routine in nearby memory.


My question is as follows :

If in my ISR_VECTORS.C file I change Vector 7's(RTI INTERRUPT VECTOR) name from UnimplementedISR to

my function name and include the prototype function at the start of my ISR_VECTORS.C file, my Interrupt should be correctly implemented ?


using the declaration below extern void near _Startup(void) at the top of the ISR_VECTORS.h file


extern void near RTI_ISR(void);




Do I need to also go into my Projectt.prm file and add something to the vector table at the bottom of that file ?


Thanks for your help.