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Discussion created by aurora on Aug 24, 2010
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I am using a PAS08W1628T28 programming adapter, this adapter is connected to a P&E cyclone pro through MON08 interface. Also, the P&E cyclone pro is connected to a PC USB port. The MCU is MC908QC8 (28 pin TSSOP). I have connected jumpers from J3 to J6 on the programming adapter board (PAS08W1628T28) by one to one connection (J3-1 to J6-1, J3-2 to J6-2,…….. J3-16 to J6-16). When I run Codewarrior 6.2, it shows a message “Could not measure target baudrate”. P&E Connection Manager window shows “Connection Status Summary YNNNN”. Have I missed other jumper connections? what I have done wrong? P&E cyclone pro is working correctly when it connects to a 908Q programming adapter (Slicon Engines).