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Doubts about RAM in MC9S08QE8 device

Question asked by Giovanni Parodi on Aug 22, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2010 by Giovanni Parodi

Good morning,

I have a doubt about my platform setup. 

I'm using a MC9S08QG8 device, and I have some problem running my program.

In fact it seems that I have some stack related problem, since after running a subroutine some global (.common section) variable change value. So I tried increasing the stack size but the linker tells me that it don't have enough space.

However looking at the .map file it seems to me that I still have some space:



Summary of section sizes per section type:
READ_ONLY (R):        144B (dec:     5195)
READ_WRITE (R/W):      160 (dec:      352)
NO_INIT (N/I):          55 (dec:       85)



So I'm using 0x160 bytes in RAM, but QG8 device has 0x200 bytes of RAM. Why I can't increase my stack size at 0xF0? (at present time 0xD0).

If I try, I get the following error:



Out of allocation space in segment RAM at address 0x18A


Is there some one that can clarify this point?


I provide also my .map file (renamed with txt extension)