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Newbie with Compling issues

Question asked by Eric Weatherhead on Aug 21, 2010
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I have a MC9S12C64MFUF chip being used in a automotive ECU. The chip had been bricked so I need to flash it again. I was told by the individual who created the ECU that he had used Codewarrior and a PE Micro Multilink to flash it. I have the original code but it appears the s19 file is no good from PC-PC transfers.

This is the first time I have used Codewarrior software, and I have been attempting to recompile the code. What I have of the original code is as follows:

bin- one .abs file

cmd- vppon, vppoff, startup, reset, preload, postload, erase_unsecure__hcs12


.ini file


If anyone help pointing me in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated.