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Mismatch - .s19 Files

Question asked by Alexander Leenus on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2010 by Alexander Leenus

I am using function called "__DATE__" in my code. This build date is basically connected to .S19 file.


When I have repeated the build at later days, and compared the new generated .s19 file with old .s19 file. It is not matching. Obliviously date will not match; I would expect up to 8 bytes (at the location of the global variable used) would fail the compare.


But, when I am compares new .s19 with old .s19, more than 8 bytes (more bytes) are failing the compare. I guess it is based on what those 8 values and compiler is optimizing things differently. 


1. How to get identical .s19 file? (Only [date] 8 bytes exceptional when compare)

2. I am not sure what this __DATE__ function doing while compiling. Is there anything I have to do with compiler optimization in this case?

Or any other way I can solve this issue?


Please Help