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Using flash to store log information

Question asked by Giovanni Parodi on Aug 19, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2010 by Giovanni Parodi

Hello everybody

I have a question related to how to manage a task that I think is quite easy for expert in MCU's programming but about which I have some doubts.


I'm programming a device HCS08 and I have to store a big amount of data (mainly log related) in non volatile memory (about 350 byte).

Part of this data should be updated each time I restart my board, but retained when the board is shutted down.


In order to avoid using RAM as a temporary storage for data I was thinking about using two page of Flash and using them as a ping pong buffer.

However I don't know if this is the better way or if I missing a better approach.


Can you provide a a feedback about my idea? Is there some example about this topic?


If this is a stupid question, please be patient, I'm a newbie!