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Debugging without downloading

Discussion created by Neil Martin on Aug 18, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by CrasyCat

Hi everyone,  I'm an experienced user of codewarrior, having used V6.3 for several years.

My question is this:

When my project runs, to copies an image from flash to SDRAM. It then runs ok.

Debugging this image is getting slow (4-5MByte), since downloading is slow.


If I have in flash a debug version of the code, is there a way to not download the image ?

The BDM has control over the reset line, so surely the following is possible?

Project  resets, Flash debug image is copied to SDRAM,

Tap then takes control, and uses the image held in ram.


If I uncheck the download executable image etc, it works for a short time, but then fails.


Thanks in Advance