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Removing references to deleted files in project -- old file shows up in Find in Files dialog

Question asked by Tom Collins on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by Tom Collins

I'm going a little crazy trying to figure this one out.  I used to have a header called "endian.h" in my project.  I renamed it, and now it does not appear in the "Files" or "Link Order" tab of the project.


But, whenever I do a Find in Files, it shows up in the list of files for Project headers.  If I search all of the files in the project for "endian.h", it only shows up in comments of other files.  If I double-click on the entry in the Find in Files dialog, CW complains that it can't find the file (which is expected, since I deleted it) and it allows me to remove it from the list.


But as soon as I do another Find in Files, it's right back in there.


What do I need to do for CW to forget that the file ever existed?



(CodeWarrior 5.9.0 on S08 processor)