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Porting the MQX RTOS to specific Microcontroller

Question asked by Balaji Nagarajan on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by Doug Bruce

I need the reference document for porting the MQX RTOS to specific microcontroller.


I am new to microcontroller domain, so I need the document, which explains that how to configure the microcontroller registers and its devices to MQX RTOS, i.e. taking one specific microcontroller and explains how can we port the MQX RTOS to this microcontroller. E.g. how MQX ROTS is ported into m52259evb board, explain the steps.


MQX User's Guide explains that generic porting details, user configuration, board specific files, platform specific files, but i need that in that file, what we have to do?



N Balaji