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ADC interrupt interferes with I2C

Discussion created by Nick Timkovich on Aug 16, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by Processor Expert

I'm using Processor Expert on a MP16 to develop software that's communicating over the I2C and doing some A-to-D with the ADC.  My I2C code was working just fine, but when I mixed in the bits to control the ADC, my I2C driver stopped working as the interrupt was never firing.


With everything identical except not starting the ADC bean sampling by removing a2d_Measure(0);, the IIC works fine.  Disabling the interrupt for the ADC (causing the sampling code that PE generates to block) also allows the IIC to run, though that is an unpalatable solution as it consumes an appreciable amount of time.


It doesn't seem to be hanging on the ADC interrupt, as the ADC code still runs and exits, just whenever ADCSC1 is written to start a conversion and an enabled interrupt.


I already had one problem with the I2C not working at all due to PE setting the GPIO pins to "high drive strength" which seemed to override the open-collector setting the I2C module requires.  Is there some other "gotcha" I'm missing now?  Or what else should I be exploring as the root-cause of this?