Flash memory

Discussion created by aurora on Aug 16, 2010
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Could anyone show me by example how to save 1 byte data into flash memory and get it back to the variable? I create a variable POWEROFF, and I give 1 to this variable in the main routine. I need to save the content of POWEROFF to a (any)location in flash memory before the MCU is disconnected from power. Then I need to get this data back into this variable when MCU is connected to power again.


I tried to use those supporting routines in ROM, such as RDVRRNG, PRGRNGE and ERARNGE. So far I am getting no where. I hope someone can show me an example in assembly code.


INCLUDE ''         ; MC68HC908QY4A


poweroff    ds  1



            lda  #$1

            sta  poweroff

            bra  mainLoop


Thanks all