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Discussion created by Francisco Hernandez on Aug 14, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by RICK BOURGEOIS

Hi there guys, I just made a web server application including ADC and GPIO and it seems to be working fine, however, the time between the button in the web server and the action is VERY slow. If y press the button 3 times per second it lags up to 30 seconds before catching up. I´ve checked the webserver example and its just as slow, if not even more so. Is that the real limit for RTCS concerning speed? I´m using M52233Demo. I send you guys my proyect as I believe it may be a good example to use if you can check it. I also used Processor expert drivers for GPIO and ADC and seems to be working all right, as the server`s been up for over a week and there has been not a single crash. I`ll keep the ethernet and usb drivers with mqx, though.