Ahmed Fouda

Problem in linker file of Comic compiler for the .data and .bss sections

Discussion created by Ahmed Fouda on Aug 11, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2010 by Pedro Palacios

I'm using cosmic compiler. For S12x micro controller.


In the linker file if I set the following


+seg .data       -b 0x2110 -o 0x2110 -m 0x1EF0  -n .data
+seg .bss                                       -n .bss


The System works fine but If I change it to


+seg .data       -b 0xFE000-o 0x2110 -m 0x1EF0  -n .data
+seg .bss                                       -n .bss


The system doesn't work.


The only difference is that in the second case I put the global address, Do you have any idea what is the problem.

I need to use the second option due to some constraints within my application.