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HCS08 - Wait Mode Help

Discussion created by Lorenzo Fantesini on Aug 11, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Kris Guo

Hi all,


I need some help using the wait mode with MC9S08DZ16 microcontroller.


In my main routine firstly i do some peripherals initialization (I am using UART, MSCAN, IIC and a Timer) and then I would like to put the microcontroller into Wait Mode waiting for an interrupt on the UART to reduce power consumption.


After calling che Cpu_WaitInterrupt() function I have the following code into the main routine:


while(function() == 1);


where "function()" just looks if some data have been put into a sw buffer from the UART ISR.


What I see is that power consumption do not decrease and moreover all debug functions are active whereas on the datasheet I see that in Wait Mode only some functionalities should be enabled.


Is my procedure correct or do I have to consider some particular expedient to make the wait mode to run properly?


Thank you in advance