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MC56F8037 Timer: counter input, what is the meaning

Discussion created by Sebastian Seelmann on Aug 9, 2010
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just did try to inplement the one shot mode, therefore i need a secondary timer source, i could do that, but it is not working for some reasons i dont know.


First i tried to init one normal counter with some normal timing like 1 ms or faster, it doesnt matter.


then i put the output on one pin, BUT on that pin i cannot meassure something, shouldnt i see the IRQ there, or somekind of changing from high to low and backwards, it just does happen nothing on that pin, and that is important, because i wanna use that output as the secondary input for the second timer in one shot mode.


So basically it will never work, because the only source i got for counter input is a timer, is that right???



Would be very nice to get some good support form freescale this time. I think noone is monitoring this forum, kind of sad, does look bad for freescale, atmel got a nicer support i guess...

but i had to go for the freescale :smileyhappy: poor me