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Timer_init() Bean and its cfg

Discussion created by Sebastian Seelmann on Aug 9, 2010
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having great struggel with implementing a Timer without using the BEAN, but instead trying to set its registers via the initialisation Bean.


The Bean kind of works, BUT i cannot change the timings, i really treid everything, and i am kind of into the DCS right now, that means i know the purpose of all the Registers ( only the Timer-Registers right now).


My System: 56F8037 Eval Board,

                     CW 5.9.0


                      Another thing, i let the system create the ISR for the Timer, now comes something really wonderful:


In that ISR, i created a BitToggle to watch the function timing via my Osziloscope, now i created several Projects for Test reasons, and i get somehow different Timings with the very SAME Init-files, how is that possible.

I got one with 7,5 µs and one with 750 ns Period.


Any suggestions?


Do i mess up something serious, i simply dont have a clue right now, cannot follow the **bleep** DSC and his interiour.


Shouldnt help CW a little bit, until now i think i found a whole lot of bugs, could be me could be the others, hope someone can help me with some init code, or good adwise :smileyhappy:


Thanks a lot.