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OSBDM with Visual Basic custom software.

Question asked by Michael Leffler on Aug 4, 2010

I'm hoping someone here can help me.

I'm working with the hCS08 processor and need to be able to read and write to the memory on the unit directly.  I have purchased a board that will interface from USB to 6wire BDM but so far all the .dlls or other software is made for Codewarrior.  I really need to be able to use Visual Basic or some other Visual language because of the special job I am doing.


Has anyone figured out how to do this yet?  If so can you let me know how so far I am not getting anywhere.


Also one other thing if I may ask.  The circuit I am programming actually only has a two pin connection.  Can I just use the Gnd and BKGD pins and not use the other.