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Serial communications Approach

Question asked by Karthik Sukumar on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2010 by Karthik Sukumar


I had to fiddle around with the SCI a bit and  wanted to know something.


This is what my serial code looks like (I am not using interrupts here).

       while(SCI1S1_TC == 1)


SCI1D = i;              
while(SCI1S1_TC == 1)      

{       }


and in the main for loop i have



for( ; ; ) 





    /* __RESET_WATCHDOG(); by default, COP is disabled with device init. When enabling, also reset the watchdog. */

  } /* loop forever */


LCD_write() is the function that contains the first piece of code.


Now I did notice on the LCD screen that it displayed a series of y's followed by a series of o's ! as opposed to series of yo's continuously !


This has led me to think that I am using the wrong approach to serial communication here. So please tell me if i am actually missing something out ? like the transmit buffer or something of that sort. Also I wanted to know what your approach to this would be like?


Please advice.