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GPIO-> button and Led [MC51CN128]

Question asked by Jacek Skorzynski on Aug 1, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by David E Seymour

I have very simple question. I try write program: When i push the button, led light.
I tried this but isn't work.

void main(void){   PE_low_level_init();  for(;;)  {  if(SW_GetVal()=1)      {            LED_SetVal();     }       } }


Led component is configurated as Output:


  • -Pin for I/O =>PTE3_KBI2P3_TPM1CH0
  • -autoslected pull-up
  • -push-pull
  • -Direction =>Output

SW component is configurated as Input

  • -Pin for I/O =>PTE5_KBI2P5_IRQ_TPM1CH2
  • -autoslected pull-up
  • -push-pull
  • -Direction => Input

I have TWR-MCF51CN(MCU=> MC51CN128)

PS. I don't want to use interrupts. I want use only methods GPIO!


Please help me...