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Problem writting FLASH as an EEPROM

Question asked by Hernan Eche on Jul 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2010 by Hernan Eche

Hello, I did this question


Then I found AN3824 a library for MC9S08LG32


I am using MC9S08GT32 (LG and GT that's first difference)


then the code I downloaded have a demo that says : "This demo is designed to run only on MC9S08GB60 evaluation board. " I couldn't integrate that to my project there are too many files and things to touch like frecuencies.


A little lost back here for some light.


I am reading this is a very complex thing to do, it need the code to be executed at RAM?


I really would be glad with something like


  • writeByte2Flash(u08 byte, int address);
  • u08 readByte2Flash(int address);