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PWM doesn't work

Question asked by Lada Lostak on Jul 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by Lada Lostak

Hello, I am having trouble with PWM  @ AW16 CPU. Device is selfcloked, 20MHz BUS. I am having following code:


    TPM2SC =0b00001000;



So, edge aligned high pulse PWM.


This doens't produce and output at TPM2CH0 pin. Pin is log0 for all the time. TPM2 is running properly (TPM2CNT cycles 0-255).


If I change channel mode to TPM2C0SC=0b00010110; which is low pulses, pin is logic zero and after first cycles goes to high and keeps high.


When I change mode to TPM2C0SC=0b00010100; which is toggle output on compare, pin in CPU starts doing PWM as expected.


What I am doing wrong ? Why PWN doesn't work and toggle on compare works ?


Thank you