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How do I make the CDC example (vitrual_com) blocking, and how do I do Formatted IO to it?

Question asked by Brynn Rogers on Jul 26, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2010 by Juraj Vanco
I have the MQX 3.6 CDC example (virtual_com.c) up and running on my custom board (a MCF52259). What I'd really like to do is: 1) be able to open a 'serial port' in my code so I can do formatted IO to the PC over the USB. - if it is a pipe or something instead of a serial port, that is fine, I can do sprintf() instead of printf() 2) have the 'virtual_com' task block when it is not connected, or connected but has nothing to send or receive. It is unclear to me what is the best way to go about getting there. (the Best Way will be the one that involves the fewest hours of labor)