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Discussion created by Jeff Brown on Jul 25, 2010
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Is anyone getting any use out of CW10?


I am using an MCF52259 processor  with the PE Multilink, and running CW10 on an XP machine.

This project was imported to CW10 from CW7.1.2.


I am choosing the Flash File to Device from the Flash Programmer Icon.  I chose the elf file to program and here are the results as seen in the console window:



fl::target -lc "CW10 Debug Bootloader - CW10 Debug Bootloader - PEMICRO_USB"

fl::target -b 0x20000000 0xffff

fl::target -v off -l off -ie on -i "C:/Projects/CW10/USB-DebugBootloader/CW10 Debug Bootloader/../cfg/mcf52259_internal_flash.cfg" -p 52259


Error: no such processor "52259"


How can it not find the processor?

the *.cfg file that it is using is from the debugger section from the original project.


Anyone have any ideas of what i need to do?