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CW10 Duplicate Target Folder

Discussion created by William Hookway on Jul 22, 2010
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I have a M52259EVB board and have created a test application which builds and runs.  Within the same project I created a EVB51JM build configuration which also runs.  When I build the 51jm a folder is created called m51jmevb_... with the sources folder and the appropriately created files, s19, xMap, sources.mk etc.  If I build the 51jm a second time a new sub-folder is created within this same project with the same name, m51jmevb_....., this folder has a Sources subfolder and a subdir,mk file within it.  This build has rebuilt the sources.mk, objects.mk, makefile, and the .args file.  The elf, S19 and xMap file were not rebuilt.  The subdir.mk file has the following in it:


OBJ_SRCS_QUOTED += \"../m51jmevb_Int_Flash_Debug/Sources/main.obj"

OBJ_SRCS += \../m51jmevb_Int_Flash_Debug/Sources/main.obj


Any thoughts why this directory is being added?