Ron Wilson

possible bug in debugger?

Discussion created by Ron Wilson on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by CompilerGuru

I am using "CodeWarrior_for_S12X_V5_0" with True-Time Debugger ver 6.1, build 9061 to develop/debug software for the 9S12XE384.


As I understand it, If PPAGE is set to 0xFD, then at 0x8000'L I should see the same memory as I would see viewing 0x7F4000'G. This appears to be a correct understanding. With PPAGE = 0xFF, the views for 0x8000'L and 0x7FC000'G are the same. Likewise for several other pages of FLASH ROM.


However, with PPAGE = 0xFD, I see different memory content depending on whether I am viewing 0x8000'L or 0x7F8000'G.


Is this a bug in the debugger?


I have attached a ZIP file with screen pictures of what I am seeing.