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Using the MMA7660FC ZSTAR3 in a console app

Discussion created by Ketcher Cline on Jul 19, 2010
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Hi, I'm a complete noob to this board but I have a question and I'm hoping I'm asking it in the right place.


I have been able to get the ZSTAR3 Example App provided by Freescale to work properly, but that application uses a form to display the output of the data generated by the sensor. I need to be able to collect this data in a console application instead of a form application and display it in the console window. However, without the form, the console app simply runs and finishes without waiting for the ZSTAR USB stick to collect the data. I have tried a little bit to use threading to solve this problem, but with a thread keeping the console application running, the ZSTAR3 object never recieves any data bursts.


I'm working with C#. If anyone could help me out or direct me to some sample code where what I am trying to accomplish is done, that would be appreciated.