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CW10 can't find my .ttf file; won't flash image to board

Question asked by Donald Locker on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by Donald Locker

- Right-click on my hello_Thor-1_2 project->Debug As->3 CodeWarrior Download

- select intflash_d.elf in the C Local Application window [Qualifier is m68k be - /hello_Thor-1_2/Int Flash Debug/intflash_d.elf) and click OK

- build verifies that all binaries are up to date, then I get a CodeWarrior Alert window with the message:


Unable to find target task "hello_Thor-1_2_mcf52259_Int_Flash" in the current workspace


The only file matching that pattern is the TargetTaskFramework file

which fits my discovery that the download hasn't worked


Clicking No (do you want to continue) aborts the debugging with a window 'Launching hello_Thor-1_2_Int_Flash_Debug_PEBDM' has encountered a problem.


Unable to find the target task "hello_Thor-1_2_mcf52259_Int_Flash" in the current workspace.


I haven't been able to find a place to specify the path to that file (closest seems to be in the Debug Configuration->Arguments->Working directory which is the default ${workspace_loc:hello_Thor_1-2}


That file is NOT in the current workspace because it is in the project's space (I imported the project without copying the project into the workspace.)