Joshua Hilley

codewarrior cannot run an x86 build of this utility on x64 platform

Discussion created by Joshua Hilley on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by Tom Thompson

First off, the essential information: I am installing Codewarrior 7.1 for ColdFire onto a laptop running Windows 7


About halfway through the installation process I receive a popup that says "codewarrior cannot run an x86 build of this utility on x64 platform". After clicking Ok I receive the message that the drivers were not installed. These two messages appear again and the setup jumps to the completed screen where it says that Codewarrior has been installed successfully.


When I load Codewarrior and attempt to use the Flash Programmer to Erase my board using the USB ColdFire Multilink the Status message displays "Error: Connect Failed".


Also, I had to install the drivers from the PE Micro file drivers_10_install.exe in order for the computer to see the multilink.


Does anyone know what the issue here is? I would really appreciate any assistance.