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can not send string correctly to hyperterminal window.

Discussion created by Bridge Ji on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by Jacob Egner

I am using EVM 8367 to learn how to program on freecale chip.

since I do not want to code with processor expert,I wrote code in C directly.

I set up a hyperterminal window on computer , bits rate 19200,  8 data bits, no parity , 1 stop bit.  then I code as follows:


#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>


#define     sci0br           (volatile unsigned int *)0xf280

#define     sci0ctr1        (vlatile unsigned int *)0xf281

#define     sci0ctr2        (volatile unsigned int *)0xf282

#define     sci0sr           (volatile unsigned int *)0xf283

#define     sci0dr           (volatile unsigned int *)0xf284

#define     tx                   0x08

#define     rx                   0x04




/* prototype */

void init_sci();

void sci_outcstr(char *t);

void setsci0(char onoff);



#pragma interrupt saveall



void init_sci()







void setsci0(char onoff)







void sci_outcstr( char *t)


unsigned short i;

while (*t!=0)


while (!(*sci0sr&0x8000)) { }




for (i=0; i<30000; i++) { };








int main(void)



int i=0 ;







for (i=0; i<30000; i++) {};






I always get some random characters in whole string  like " F**rS*cal*".

Any idea? Thank you.