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Unable to debug MRAM Ext Debug on Tower 52259

Discussion created by paul humphreys on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2010 by Enric Aguera

I am CodeWarrior 7.2 with MQX 3.6 along with a Tower MCF52259 CPU and TWRMEM card that contains a 512K MRAM.


The jumpers on the MCF52259 board and TWRMEM are set to default.


I am using the onboard Coldfire V2-V4 JM60 OSBDM debugger


I can build the Web_hvac_twrmc52259.mcp in codewarrior to int_flash_debug , erase and program the internal flash and debug the project without any problem.


If I build the project to ext_mram_debug the code is uploaded to the mram and the debugger is entered at __main.


I can single step lots of instructions but as soon as I enter RUN I get the message


GDI Protocol Plugin

"The debugger cannot read memory"


Can anyone help


Kind Regards


Paul H