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printf with project stationery

Question asked by Sebastian Seelmann on Jul 15, 2010
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i got a rather strange thing on the CodeWarrior:


I wanna check some Numbers and Mathresults via the console, so i tried using the printf-command.


Now here is what is happening, when i start a new Project with the Project Stationery DSC 56800E i can add some Beans using the fractional math, BUT when i try printing via printf the console wont pop up, so i cant see nothing.


Is this a Bug, i have no clue why it doesnt appear.


When i start a EABI Stationery and use the Simulator as Hardware, the printf command is working and the Console shows my results BUT i cannot add the fractional math BEAN.


So how would you suppose to go on, i cant find anything why the console doesnt show up, and i cant start it manually.


What i want: I want to use the fractional math BEAN and show the results in the console, or if you know any way looking at the results of for example multiplication, without using the console, i would appreciate it :smileyhappy:


Here some facts about my system: Code Warrior IDE 5.9.0

i am working without Hardware connected, to test the math it should be sufficient.


thanks for youre help,

greetings from the hottest sommer ever in germany.