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remove model from boot (change MPC8313e revision)

Question asked by Juan Antonio Medina Guerrero on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2010 by Juan Antonio Medina Guerrero

Some time ago we developed a system based on MPC8313erdb REVA4 (MPC8313E rev1.0) and MPC8313E_RDB_K26_20070831-LTIB.

Then we assembled a second batch of systems and by mistake mounted the MPC8313 rev2.1, and upon a power up sequence the bootloader gets stucked saying "CPU: rev unknown". We have reviewed the AN3545 and decided to update the ltib. This is a hard work becouse we made some changes in it.


We adapted u-boot and it worked fine. We disabled some driver in kernel but it hang on boot, it stops after the usb module loads. We don't have USB so we have disabled in the kernel but it still boots.


We think the USB module stop the boot,if this is right how can we remove this module from the kernel/initramfs?


Thanks in advance.
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