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Problem with  HCS12 serial monitor

Discussion created by Xiaowei Du on Jul 14, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2010 by James Murray
When HCS12 serial monitor program is used to program the flash,after the
user's code is changed, An error is reported when load the S19 file into
the MC9S12DP512,
"Error writing to address1...adress2 Information:No memory at this address"
The adrresses are where the code has been changed.
If load the code before  the user has changed,there is no such error.
The problem is specified as follows:
First I download the serial bootloader (HCS12 serial monitor  project) into DP512 through BDM, then with serial port connected, the application project's S19 file could be programmed into the chip through serial port successfully at first. But if I change any code in my application project,and generate a new S19 file, and download it through serial port,The error is reported as I've described.But if I change the code back to the original one. There is no such error.If I download the serial bootloader again, the changed code could be programmed successfully.But,if the code is changed again, there would be an error when it's downloaded.