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WAI Intruction and Debug

Question asked by Ruben Campo on Jul 14, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2010 by Ruben Campo

Hi All


I have several problems during the debugging process in my mc9sxdp512 with indart hcs12 (using CW 5.9 ). I can set breakpoint, watchpoint, or triggers but the program doesn't stop, so I can't debug correctly. Moreover, I can't halt the MCU normally.


Reading in several forums and technical supports I found the reason! Yes, I found it! The reason is wai instruction in my main procedure. So, if I want to debug properly my software I have to do it commenting this line ( _asm("wai") )... In most cases it isn't a problem, but why have to debug my software in other circumstances than real ones?

Ok! We have focused the problem, is there any possibility to resolve this "problem"?


Thanks in advance for your help,