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CW 10 Beta compiler C++ problem

Discussion created by Robert Zeff on Jul 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2010 by CompilerGuru

I have CW 10 installed in two systems, Win 7 x64 and XP 32.

I am trying to compile the same code on both.  On the Win 7 machine I imported a CW 6.3 project.  It compiles OK, sort of. I am having a linked issue trying to link to another project's .sx file.  Not the issue that I'm concerned about, though.


On the XP machine, I decided to build the project from scratch.  I have a class declaration in a header file.  The compiler does not recognize the key word "class" as in:



class filterTransposed {



  float b [4];


  float c [4];

  float ramp_time_constant;

  float ramp;float hold_count;

  float a [4];









But tthe same header compiles OK on the Windows 7 install.


What to look for?