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True Time: problem loading from S record file

Question asked by Ron Wilson on Jul 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2010 by Xiaowei Du

In True Time debugger/simulator, when I try to load from an S record file, I get the message:

"Error while writing to 7D4000..7D4200. No memory at this address"


In the HC12 menu, I checked the "Debugging Memory" dialog. It indicates there is FLASH in the range 400000 to 7FFFFF. Also, the micro, MC9S12XEQ384, definately has FLASH at the location in question.


If I load the same from the ABS file, it loads correctly.


I am trying to create a S record file that combines the bootloader and application software so that the mircro controller can be fully programmed in 1 step at a BDM station on the production line, rather than having to FLASH the application via CAN at the End of Line station.


I created the combined S record file, but now I need to test it. Current;y, the only tool I have available to test is the True Time debugger/simulator. (I have ordered the P&E flash programmer tool, but I am still waiting for purchasing to approve the order)