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CW10 Processor Expert Project Organization

Discussion created by William Hookway on Jul 9, 2010
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I'm using CW10 and I have a project defined that is using "Device Initialization" and I would now like to use the features of "Processor Expert".  When I try to convert the project to use Processor Expert I get an error indicating the project already contains the Device Initialization project.  Can this be converted?  Secondly, I have added additional targets under Project/Make Target/Create but I do not see any means to configure them, is this feature only to be used with Processor Expert?  Can targets be used without using processor expert?


My goal is to support a base set of firmware for 2 projects (different application firmware) handling many common I/O requirements on 2 sets of hardware (V1 and V2 due to memory requirements of the two applications) where development is beginning on the eval boards for the 51JM128 and M52259 until my target hardware is available.  Is there a TN or white paper that suggest a project organization for this type of configuration.  I was going to use a single project with multiple configurations to handle the 2 projects and multiple targets to handle the multiple processor choices.  But I am not certain if the eval boards and my final target hardware (again 2 sets) should be additional projects or could be handled as targets.  Also I was thinking of making this project a reference (lib or other?)  so that it could be used by the two applications (two separate other projects).  This would allow the basefirmware and hardware I/O services to be developed independent of the application development.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.