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Serial Monitor Communication Problem

Discussion created by Joern Katzorke on Jul 8, 2010
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i got problems finding the right informations to get this to work...


What i want:

Creating an oppurtunity to update my firmware in application without a debugger/programmer.


Therefore i wanted to use the Serial Monitor from AN2548 and


My Device is a 9S12DP512 and im working with CW 4.7


I opened the CW project from the zip, selected the Dx512 and flashed it to my device.


Now when i power it up and use a terminal program i am getting no reactions.


Opening a new project, selecting Serial Monitor as Target and trying to debug the project it reports that a connection could not be established.


I enabled the "Serial Monitor Support" in the build options. That reports an address error because the memory is used by another bean (segment 3). After shortening segment 3 this problem is gone but still no connection to the Controller.


I am using an FTDI FT232BL Chip which is only connected with RxD and TxD. Does the Serial Monitor solution need another pin of the serial port?


Is the Serial Monitor project suitable for my controller?