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workflow: BDM debugging with interrupts?

Question asked by ROB LUND on Jul 7, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2010 by ROB LUND

Hey everyone.  I've got a high-level sort of workflow question.  I'm using CodeWarrior 6, on mostly HCS08QG8, and JS16 targets, i.e. I stay in the BDM world for ease of debug.


Until recently, I've tried to use pseudo-RTOS type program flow, e.g., efficient time slicing and complex state machines to poll through my code.


However, now I'm requiring a lot more interrupt-driven inputs.  Hod do you all use the BDM debugger with your interrupts?  For instance, I have an input capture coming from a periodic input.  So that interrupt is happening all the time.  Another example is the USB interrupts, which are also happening regularly.


Stepping through code seems futile to me, as you get hung up in the ISR all the time.  Just wondering what your workflow is.  Thanks!