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access problems to target with USB P&E and MC9S12XDP512

Question asked by chris cecillon on Jul 6, 2010
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I was programming my MC9S12XDP512  with the P&E USB multilink and PROG12Z, it worked fine.


But this mornig, i did a mistake, i launched PROG12Z, i choose my alogrithm, and instead of click on "erase module", i clicked on "blank check module".



So i stoped the process in the middle of the operation, and i cliked on "erase module", but the operation began et never stoped. So i closed the soft, and now i can't connect my proceesor; each time i launch PROG12Z,  i have the message "Can't communicate with the target processor.Target processor may be  secure, unpowered or not properly connected".



Can anybody give me a hint how I can gain access to the target again?