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Problem sending TCP socket

Question asked by Angelo Quattrociocchi on Jul 5, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by Simon Smidzar

Hi, I'm very new to the MQX RTCS stack, and writing embedded web clients in general, so I would greatly appreciate some guidance on this issue I'm having.


I am using CodeWarrior 10 with MQX3.6, and have the web_hvac demo working fine on a TWR52259 platform.  I'm trying to add functionality to post database entries to a web server.  To start I created a new shell command ("test") and added the following code that calls socket, bind, connect, and send.  This is based on the MQX RTCS User Guide, and the sample code.  I couldn't find much else in the forum or elsewhere online.  When I call the function from the shell I get error code 0x1704, which is RTCSERR_SOCK_INVALID.  The shell output follows the code.



int_32  Shell_test(int_32 argc, char_ptr argv[] )  {   boolean           print_usage, shorthelp = FALSE;   int_32            return_code = SHELL_EXIT_SUCCESS;   uint_32 new_socket;   sockaddr_in local_sin, remote_sin;   uint_32 result;   uint_16 namelen;      char buffer[50], resp_buffer[50];      print_usage = Shell_check_help_request(argc, argv, &shorthelp );   if (!print_usage)  {      if (argc > 1) {         printf("Error, invalid number of parameters\n");         return_code = SHELL_EXIT_ERROR;         print_usage=TRUE;      } else {          printf("Trying to send message to\n");                  new_socket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);         if (new_socket == RTCS_SOCKET_ERROR) {          printf("RTCS_SOCKET_ERROR\n");          return;         } else {             printf ("Socket opened: %d\n", new_socket);         }                     memset((char *) &local_sin, 0, sizeof(sockaddr_in));         local_sin.sin_family = AF_INET;         local_sin.sin_port = 0;         local_sin.sin_addr.s_addr = ENET_IPADDR;//INADDR_ANY;         result = bind(new_socket, &local_sin, sizeof (sockaddr_in));         if (result != RTCS_OK){          printf("Error, bind() failed with error code %lx\n", result);          return;         }    printf ("Socket bound...\n");   namelen = sizeof (sockaddr_in);   result = getsockname(new_socket, &local_sin, &namelen);   if (result != RTCS_OK) {    printf("Error, getsockname() failed with error code %lx\n", result);   } else {    printf("Local address family is %x\n", local_sin.sin_family);    printf("Local port is %d\n", local_sin.sin_port);    printf("Local IP address is %lx\n", local_sin.sin_addr.s_addr);   }                  memset((char *) &remote_sin, 0, sizeof(sockaddr_in));         remote_sin.sin_family = AF_INET;         remote_sin.sin_port = 80;         remote_sin.sin_addr.s_addr = 0xADC22168;    //   (         result = connect(new_socket, &remote_sin, sizeof (sockaddr_in));         if (result != RTCS_OK){          printf("Error, connect() failed with error code %lx\n", result);          return;         }         printf("Connected to %lx, port %d.\n", remote_sin.sin_addr.s_addr, remote_sin.sin_port);                  strcpy (buffer, "GET index.html HTTP/1.0\n\n");         printf ("Outgoing message len: %d, string: %s\n", strlen(buffer) + 1, buffer);                  result = send(new_socket, buffer, strlen(buffer) + 1, 0);         if (result != RTCS_OK){          printf("Error, send() failed with error code %lx\n", RTCS_geterror(result));          shutdown(new_socket, FLAG_CLOSE_TX);          return;         }         printf("Sent %d bytes.\n", result);                  result = recv(new_socket, resp_buffer, 50, 0);         if (result == RTCS_ERROR){    printf("Error, recv() failed with error code %lx\n", RTCS_geterror(new_socket));         } else {          printf("Received %ld bytes of data.\n%s\n", result, buffer);         }               }   }      if (print_usage)  {      if (shorthelp)  {         printf("%s \n", argv[0]);      } else  {         printf("Usage: %s \n", argv[0]);      }   }   return return_code;}




shell> testTrying to send message to opened: 536880972Socket bound...Local address family is 1Local port is 5000Local IP address is a9fe0303Connected to adc22168, port 80.Outgoing message len: 26, string: GET index.html HTTP/1.0Error, send() failed with error code 1704shell>



Does anyone see what I'm doing wrong here?