Thomas Walsh

USB Multilink Undetected after use of OpenBDM

Discussion created by Thomas Walsh on Jul 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2010 by Tom Thompson

I am on XP with CW 6.3.


I had been using a demo board to program QD4 MCUs, and recently switched to programming QG MCUs.  The QD demo board can't program a QG chip, so as a temporary solution, I began using some kind of open-source BDM cable that my colleague had lying around here in China.  It required the installation of some additional drivers that I have since forgotten.  When I returned to the US last week I purchased an authentic PE Micro USB Multilink Cable (rev C).


To my surprise, CW did not detect the authentic Multilink cable.  In the programmer/debugger, it just says "Undetected."  OK, I thought, something must have been corrupted by that futzing with the open-source BDM.  So I uninstalled the device in Windows Device Manager and reinstalled the drivers, using V10 from PE Micro's website.  No dice - still undetected.  The blue light on the Multilink turns on, but there is just no recognition from CW that it's plugged in.  Also, my old QD4 DEMO board with the built-in Multilink doesn't work either.


After trying various things, I finally gave up and just uninstalled CW 6.3 completely and did a fresh install.  STILL, amazingly, no recognition of either the USB Multilink cable or the old DEMO board.


How can I get this darn thing working again, short of reinstalling Windows?  Does anybody have a comprehensive list of everything possible on the system that could be causing CW (actually the PEMicro connection manager) to not detect the Multilink?  I'd be happy to just delete and reinstall everything - clearly, uninstalling the device in device manager and uninstalling CW is still leaving behind a poison pill.