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Debug issue

Discussion created by Marco Fratini on Jul 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2010 by paul humphreys

Hi everyone.


I've been working for a long time on a board based on MCF52259, designed by me. I'm using the 26-pin BDM connector and USB programmer by P&Emicro. The board has always worked fine... till now.


I want to debug, so I set the breakpoint where I need, click on debug button, click it again to skip the debug of hardware initialization and I expect to reach the breakpoint I set. But what I get is the error message "Source text or disassembly not available" (as you can see in the attached screen). By stepping over every single line in the hardware initialization, I noticed that the error occurs at the calling of function "pll_init()". I don't know if it it important.


Anyway I obtained a new board, the same board and obviously the error doesn't occur. So, there must be an hardware problem that causes the old board to fail debugging. Please note that the old board lets me do all the other things, like reading, erasing, writing flash, running application, executing all tests successfully and so on.


Finally I checked electrically the lines between the connector and the MCF52259 and they are good.


What do you think?