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MPC5668G I2C working?

Question asked by Lance Uyehara on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by Lance Uyehara

Has anyone been able to make the i2c work on the mpc5668g? Here is my setup:

  • I set the ibfd to 0xbf (mul=4, icr=3f). I figure let's get going at the slowest rate before bumping it up
  • I set ibad to my address (I've tried various addresses with no differing results)
  • I set ibcr to 0 (clear mdis)
  • I set PC11 and PC12 to function 3 and ODE
  • I set ibcr to 0x20 (master mode)
  • I set ibcr to 0x30 (master/transmit mode)
  • As soon as I do this ibsr gets set to 0x92 (TCF, IBAL, IBIF), and because IBAL is set ibcr gets set to 0x10 (master mode disabled)

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Sample code for this part would help.