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HCS08 Assembler Warning A13003 - Value is truncated to one byte.

Question asked by BarryP on Jun 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2010 by BarryP

I am writing asssembly code for the HCS08SH8 and get the A13003 warning for bytes declared in SECTION RAM  in main.asm and used there and elsewhere. The vars are in zero page but the assembler doesn't seem to know this yet since it doesn't see the .prm file (where the SECTIONs are defined) until link time. I have worked around this by declaring the variables in another file and use xref.b (import reference to an external symbol located on the direct page) where they are used. Now the warnings are gone.


The problem with this is now I can't see these variables (data) in the IDE during debug since they appear to be out of the scope of the module I am debugging. Any ideas how to keep the declarations in main.asm and not get the warnings. I can always disable the A13003 warning in "options" but I would rather not do that.