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Important: Run CW10 in Windows 7 as Administrator

Discussion created by Michael Predko on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2010 by Michael Predko

I've just discovered from my FAE that if you want to run CW10 under Windows 7 you MUST do it as "Administrator". 


For most people, this means that instead of left clicking "CodeWarrior" from the Start Menu, you must right click it and then click on "Run as administrator". 


If you don't do this, or if you are not running as administrator, when you start up CodeWarrior, it will come up as "eclipse Ganymede" and when you click on "About" in "Help", it will come up as "Ganymede" instead of CodeWarrior.  Most importantly, if you click on "Plug-in Details", you won't get the MQX plug in. 


Thanx for Derrick Klotz for pointing this out.