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Flash read/write help with the MCF52233 board

Discussion created by Mordechai Dahan on Jun 25, 2010
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I've developed a project based off the Coldfire_lite TCP project.  I'm using TCP on multiple boards to communicate with a server.  The TCP program works well as well as the other tasks I've created on the RTOS.  The only thing left is to create a menu option using the console that would allow a user to change the IP address and other network related info so that the boards don't create any conflicts on the LAN.


I am trying to create a function that would take in the new IP from the uart and flash it to a safe place in FLASH memory.  I don't fully understand the commands used to both read and write to flash from the embedded software and I don't want to store the address in RAM (I've done that already).


If anybody has any experience with this and could guide me where to look I would really appreciate the help.