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Data Component window showing a lot of VARXXXXX

Question asked by Eduardo Dias Vilela on Jun 24, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by CrasyCat


I´m using latest version of CW for HCS12, and programming in ASM, and I having a big trouble: my 'Data Component window', on debug, is showing a lot of (about hundreds of)  vars named as 'VAR03861, VAR03862, VAR03863........, VAR0927,VAR0928).

Its not my var, and I dont know why they is there, and worst: I dont know how to delete then.

Please, any help are welcome!

Thanks a lot!



Looking deep, I found that, for example, the first junk VAR, VAR03861 is pointing to the first line whit 'DC.B' at a table of strings, located at page  E3. The second var is pointing to the second line with 'DC.B' , and go on...



The table is the follow:




        DC.B    _nCharSTR_LEIT+2    ; 2 bytes de text
*                '123456789ABCDEF0123'
        DC.B     '- reservado -  ',$00,$00 ; $0000
        DC.B     'Adaptacao      ',$00,$00 ; $0001