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Bit I/O operations MCF51Jm128 CW IDE 5.9.0 Build 5292

Discussion created by William Hookway on Jun 24, 2010
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I am doing bit I/O operations that need to be interrupt and thread safe.

Compiler was set with optimization off and small code size, but for the most part the

code didn't change at all or only moved the order of some instructions around when set

for level 4 optimization and fast code.


Source code:

    PTED = (unsigned char)(PTED ^ 4); // 170 nS

Generated Assembly:

0x000001C6  0x71B88008               mvz.b    0xffff8008,d0
0x000001CA  0x08400002               bchg     #2,d0
0x000001CE  0x11C08008               move.b   d0,0xffff8008


// The above bit operation is not thread / interrupt safe



Source Code:


Generated Assembly:

0x000001F6  0x70FB                   moveq    #-5,d0
0x000001F8  0x14388008               move.b   0xffff8008,d2
0x000001FC  0xC480                   and.l    d0,d2
0x000001FE  0x73B88008               mvz.b    0xffff8008,d1
0x00000202  0x701D                   moveq    #29,d0
0x00000204  0xE1A9                   lsl.l    d0,d1
0x00000206  0x701F                   moveq    #31,d0
0x00000208  0xE0A9                   lsr.l    d0,d1
0x0000020A  0x4681                   not.l    d1
0x0000020C  0xA340                   mov3q    #1,d0
0x0000020E  0xC280                   and.l    d0,d1
0x00000210  0x7181                   mvz.b    d1,d0
0x00000212  0xE588                   lsl.l    #2,d0
0x00000214  0x8480                   or.l     d0,d2
0x00000216  0x11C28008               move.b   d2,0xffff8008


// The above is not thread safe and there is a lot of extra operations going on - why two initial reads from the

// port and why all the bit shifting, left then right?


// As a side note I have tried manipulating a union / structure of bit fields and it generates very similar code.  This

// is going to be big performance hit in the code I will be porting over for this target processor as the application

// has extensive bit definitions in structures.


// I have coded the bit change in assembly:

      moveq   #2, d0
      bchg    d0, _PTED         // 170 nS


// Thread / interrupt safe

// Any way to force the compiler to handle these bit operations as I have done in assembly?


A second side question, is there a way to easily turn off interrupts for the MCF51JM128 so I can make these

operations safe.


Thanks for your help.